Top Political Sites - Websites, Blogs, Cartoons/Humor is an index created for those wishing to research the wide spectrum of political parties and/or belief systems. To orient yourself, it is recommended that anyone who has not visited, first do so before browsing the sites here. After taking the 3-5 minutes test there you'll be given your own "Political Compass" results which will visually show you where your own beliefs/answers place you in the overall political-matrix (divided by: right vs left, libertarian vs authoritarian). Even better, the results page will show you where your answers position you (ideologically-speaking) relative to famous politicians/leaders of the past and present, such as: George Bush, Gandhi, Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, Stalin, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, and even the Dalai Lama (just to name a few).

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Q: What is Top Political Sites? is a system that lists political websites in a broad range of categories. The sites listed are metered and ranked by daily unique visitor page views.

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A: The Top Political Sites button is necessary for Top Political Sites to count your visitors and page views. If it is not added, your site will not be ranked on Top Political Sites and it will gradually descend to lower positions. To improve your ranking it is better to have the Top Political Sites button appear on each page of your website so add it to your general site template.

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A: Go here for specific instructions. The method one uses varies based on the type of publishing system/service you use, but basically you want to put the code in one of your site templates so that everytime someone visits any page on your site the hit is counted.

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